motivating students – the challenges of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER

By the time we get through Halloween, students are gearing up for the next distraction.

While we are pushing integers and inequalities,  

VISIONS of SUGARPLUMS are dancing in their heads! 

TRY including  activities  that embrace the fun and excitement ….

HERE are some easy ideas to use an ordinary worksheet and convert it for holiday fun:

  • Create a coloring worksheet: Give students an answer sheet with colors assigned to each answer. Use a picture from a coloring book and number the spaces from 1-10 (if you have ten problems; if not, adjust numbers according to your worksheet). Give students a list of possible answers (add a few extras to make it a challenge) and assign colors to each answer. If the answer to problem #1 is 1/4 and 1/4 has “red” written beside it, the students will use red to color space #1!
  • Find a holiday joke; the cornier the better.  Create a code for  the punchline that can only be discovered by solving a set of problems (matching answers and letters, similar to coloring activity above). 
  • Use logic puzzles to stretch their minds. Math is about persevering until a solution is found. Logic puzzles require the same skill. Logic puzzle books are available for all levels. Find a puzzle and change the names/scenarios to engage your students. 
  • Try an Escape Room activity – make your own by using task cards for the challenges and placing them around your classroom . Code the answers to make it a bit mysterious; for example, set up a formula that performs a set of operations on the answers to #1-4 ; such as

(#1 )(#4) + (#3)/(#2) 

OR try one of these resources where the work is already done for you ….

Thanksgiving LOGIC
Christmas LOGIC
PUZZLES with JOKE and more
PUZZLES includes a  JOKE
XSCAPE activity
Xscape Activity

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